Working within the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes

A guide for dietitians


This resource explains how dietitians can reflect on their practice to ensure that they can protect themselves from conflict of interest and ensure that they do not undermine breastfeeding through supporting the inappropriate marketing of breastmilk substitutes. We would like to thank Bahar Ghodsian RD for putting this resource together.


Organisations funded by the breastmilk substitute industry

This document outlines some of the organisations and websites that provide information on infant feeding to the public and health professionals, which are funded by or work in partnership with breastmilk substitute companies. It also lists sources of independent information on food and nutrition for infants and young children.


Comfort milks, lactose-free infant milks and anti-reflux infant milks

To protect infant health and ensure their use under medical supervision, we are calling for removal of these infant foods for special medical purposes from shop, supermarket & pharmacy shelves. Such products should be made available when families can receive appropriate support. This is not about restricting choice. It is about ensuring that babies are given the most appropriate infant milk product in the first year of life if they are not breastfed.

If you would like to call on your MP to back this ask, you can download a template letter here:


Information for Food Banks:
Supporting pregnant women and families with infants






Letters sent and responses received


Upcoming training



Julie Crawford Award for Breastfeeding Support 2019

Nominations are now OPEN

The Baby Feeding Law Group-UK is seeking nominations for the 2019 Julie Crawford Award for Breastfeeding Support. Nominations must be sent to First Steps Nutrition Trust (BFLG-UK Secretariat) by 31st July 2019


Criteria for the Award

This Award is given by the Baby Feeding Law Group-UK. It is open to practising health visitors or practising health visiting teams who have made significant contribution to – or have an ongoing impact on - breastfeeding support in the UK, at individual or policy level.

Nominees must have demonstrated an awareness and commitment to the protection and defence of breastfeeding, facilitating universal access for support that is independent of commercial influence.

To help publicise the call for nominations, please share this link here:


Information on the nomination and award process is given below.


In November 2001, Julie Crawford died from a rare disease, at the age of 42. Julie was a health visitor and a former Director of Baby Milk Action. She cared passionately about breastfeeding and was never frightened to stand up and fight for the rights of mothers to independent and sensitive care. Julie was especially concerned about the extent of industry funding of education for health professionals and was also keen to push for legal action in defence of mother’s rights to breastfeed. She was one of the first health visitors to participate in the International Breastfeeding Course at the Institute of Child Health (self-funded, since employers could not find the resources).

In 1992, she wrote in the Joint Breastfeeding Initiative newsletter about the barriers to breastfeeding support from within the health visiting and midwifery professions - where so many had not had adequate training and so many had not had adequate support for their own breastfeeding experiences and the chance to discuss the feelings this left them with: "there is no safe forum in which to reach some understanding".  Julie also noted that "many health professionals endorse expectations of infant behaviour which damage breastfeeding" and called for "articulate voices" to promote change for mothers and for health professionals.


Guidelines for nominations

Please see the above criteria and send us a few paragraphs (around 300 words) about why you think your candidates should win. Bear in mind that this is not an award for straightforward breastfeeding support. They should also play a role in protecting parents from commercial influence (marketing, promotion); aspects that are not always obvious.

It's not necessary at this stage for your candidates to know that they are nominated, but unless you know them well, it may be easier to write something about them if you have their cooperation. It would be helpful to the judges if you could provide contact details of someone who is willing to second your nomination.

Where to send your nomination 

Please send your nomination to Vicky Sibson, Baby Feeding Law Group UK secretariat at

Please remember to include contact details for yourself and your candidates (including where they work) and where possible the contact details of someone who is willing to second your nomination.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Vicky at the above email address.


Nominees will be informed of the status of their nomination and whether they have been shortlisted for the award.

The Award Winner

The winner will be notified in September 2019. 

Previous Winners

2018: Julie Coulter

2017: Bernadette Wood

2016: Rosemary Brown

2014: Stephanie Heard

2011: Six health visitor representatives on the Infant Feeding Information Team of Blackpool and North Lancashire (IFIT): Julie Carter-Lindsay, Jo Dobson, Sue Anslow, Nicky Harrison, Sam Whittle, and Kathleen Freear

2009: Alison Spiro

2006: Annette Ogilvie-Forbes

2005: Sharon Breward

2004: Deanna Vearncombe

2003: Gill Rapley

The nomination period is open until 30th June 2019